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Luxury Sanctuary Spaces

Enlighten is providing luxurious sanctuary spaces within nature for individuals and communities seeking to heal and grow. Our comprehensive and compassionate offerings include journaling, meditation, breath work, sound baths, yoga, hiking, sweat lodges, cold therapy and fresh locally sourced organic meals cooked by our on-site chef.

The Bungalow Bedroom
Gate House Living room

While at our sanctuaries you will receive profound healing and learn tools for continuous transformation.

You will also gain a new perspective on life guided by master healers, traditional doctors and wisdom keepers who carry sacred medicine used for time immemorial to preserve the original instructions of how to walk in harmony and beauty in all aspects of life.

Authentic Temazcal and Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

We are a community guided by some of the world’s most respected indigenous elders, amplifying their voices, sharing their wisdom through a digital platform, a yearly gathering and retreats.

Our Offerings:

Hot tub sunset

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We would love to connect with you! Enlightens' team consists of the most gifted elders, the ones who carry wisdom from unbroken lineages, kept secret for thousands of years.